Brownie S’mores

The last time we visited the cottage – we ran short on chocolate.

When we prepared for the trip, I insisted that we buy the European chocolate from Aldi rather than go with the ubiquitous Hershey bars. The problem was that  Aldi chocolate is delicious, and hard to resist. Much of it was eaten before the campfire was even lit.

brownie s'mores

So, we tried something new. I had made brownies earlier, so I tried one in place of the chocolate.

I took lots of pictures in case it became a Pinterest phenomenon.

s'mores brownie

Unfortunately, its looks were the best thing about it. Since the Aldi chocolate was fast disappearing, I decided to use applesauce in place of the oil to make the brownies. You know, to make it “healthier”.  And “healthier” in this case, meant dry and tasteless. Putting a dry, tasteless brownie on a graham cracker with a marshmallow looked delicious, but it certainly won’t be winning any awards.

brownie s'more

I thought it looked pretty. My son said it looked like a hamburger.

Next time we’ll be going back to Hershey bars.

This seems like an odd post to start a blog with – but I figured that it is safer to start with a failed idea and do better next time, rather than start with something great and have the standard so high to begin with!

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