Nature Week Kick-off

In summers past, we’ve done “letter of the day” and followed special themes: colors, shapes, animals, etc. – which meant that the children had a blast going from one  project or activity to the next, and the exhausted mama was left with lots of odds and ends to pick up and put away.

I’ve gotten smarter. This summer I’m giving us an entire week to do some sort of activity, recipe, field trip, and art project that centers around a common theme. This means that we’ll have lots of time in between  Mama-directed activities to become bored, which is when the true creative play happens!

Today we started Nature Week with a scavenger hunt in the backyard. On our concrete slab, I drew boxes for colors, feathers, rocks, sticks, bugs, and weeds – giving quantities for some of them. (For weeds, I just wrote “lots.”)

My secret plan for getting the children to weed the garden failed.

The baby went on his own nature hunt off of the quilt.

Please ignore the sunburned hostas – I’ll move those next year. Promise.

The kids had a great time finding the different items – but we didn’t have enough flowers in bloom to make good use of the color boxes. I wasn’t planning on them finding bits of plastic junk to put in the boxes, but it was a good way to clean up the yard!

Next time we can call this a “Things That Don’t Belong in Nature” hunt.

Bugs weren’t going to stay within chalk lines, so we used the bug container. (All bugs were set free afterward)

With three children finding items, the whole hunt was over within 15 minutes – and then they were happy to play on their own again – finding more bugs, picking more flowers, and my eldest heading back inside.

One Comment on “Nature Week Kick-off

  1. Ooooh! I love this idea and am totally going to steal it and do it with my own kids. Thanks! 🙂
    Also, gorgeous pix as always!

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