Nature Week – the Nature Preserve

For each of our theme weeks, I pick out books from the library to read together. This week, our favorite book was A Tree Is Growing.

A Tree Is Growing by Arthur Dorros, illustrated by S.D. Schindler

This is where we learned that tree trunks in the rain forest do not have rings in them, because the trees grow year round. Who knew?

We met up with friends at the Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve as part of the Passport to Nature program through the library system.

We brought a picnic lunch and I brought along laminated scavenger hunt cards . One of the reasons why I chose to do Nature Week first was so that we could make use of all of our new knowledge for the rest of summer. We kids are excited to use the scavenger hunt cards when we go camping later on – they even suggested we just keep it in the car so it’s always available. Music to a mother’s ears. (Edited to add: but not the father’s, since he ends up cleaning out the car that we keep everything in – “just in case.”)

The day was incredibly hot and humid, but it didn’t stop the children from running up the lookout tower and along the trails. My five year old was very excited to find a bird’s nest. The baby took a lovely nap in the front pack.

The children were so excited to see turtles in Trout Pond – and slightly alarmed to see the number of catfish that suddenly surfaced.

When Catfish Attack
(No turtles were harmed… we think)

My eight year old’s review of the education center:

After the walk we went to the Nature Center where we ate our trail mix and saw taxidermy animals and tadpoles with legs. There were guessing boxes and a feel and touch area with bones and antlers. My favorite part was seeing the bass and blue gills in the giant fish tank. What a hot, fun day!

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