Baby Swim Diaper (Upcycled)

My eldest son outgrew these swim trunks, and the elastic was shot, so last year I packed them away anyway, thinking that I could replace the elastic for the next boy in line. Instead, I skipped a son and made them into a swim diaper for the baby!

I had been pricing swim diapers online, but was unsure of the sizing – he’s a tall, lean baby. So I started looking into tutorials to make my own instead. I was leary of the velcro diaper styled ones because I wanted to lessen the chances of him finding the velcro to be a novelty. After pricing the special mesh for the inside, and the swim fabric for the outside, I figured it would be much more cost effective to just order a pair.

And then, I remembered the size 5/6 swim trunks with broken elastic. I looked at several patterns online, figuring  that I could pick apart the seams – and then I decided that surely, there must be an easier way. So, out came the scissors.

I made sure to keep the mesh insert clear from the cutting lines, and cut the legs off at an angle.

This was bought to make darling little baby girl headbands, but we had a baby boy instead.

I already had fold-over elastic in a coordinating color, so I put that on, stretching the elastic as I sewed. When I teach my children to sew, I will preach the importance of practice, especially when trying something new – like fold-over elastic. But I didn’t have the patience for that today. The holes were still a bit large, so I just took them in a little bit.

This was leg hole #1, I should have done a better job stretching the elastic, and used a bigger zig-zag stitch. Hole #2 went much more smoothly.

For the top, I simply cut off the elasticized waist and folded the fabric over to make a new elastic casing for the waistband. I inserted elastic, tried it on the baby, and finished up the last seam.

The voice of panic  from the other room after seeing the remains of the trunks was priceless, “what happened to my swim trunks?!!”

Adorable. Baby is ready for the beach!

The whole process took less than 30 minutes and used less than a dollar’s worth of elastic. Love it.

I had him all set up in a nicely shaded spot in the sunroom, but he took off before I got the picture. Check out those leg kicks – he’ll be an Olympic champion for sure.

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