Wet Bags

With our fourth baby, we made the decision to use cloth diapers, and with cloth diapers, you need a place to hold them until laundry day. We looked at tubs, hampers, and pails – and ultimately decided that wet bags would work best for us.

I finally had a use for the little piece of goofy balloon fabric that I’ve had forever!

I made four of them using the  wet bag tutorial from a delightful blog called Little Birdie Secrets. Originally I planned on making only one large bag, and using the rest of the waterproof material for snack bags. Thankfully, I soon realized that I would actually need two large bags to collect the soiled diapers – one to have in the wash, and one to be ready in the drawer.

The smallest bag is close to 8 inches by 10 inches, the black bag with circles is about 10×14, and the two large bags are about 18×26 inches.

I made two smaller wet bags as well. The smallest bag holds one or two diapers, and the larger one  probably holds five or six. I looked at several stores online and made careful calculations for the dimensions of each bag – and that all went out the window when the fabric and zippers I had did not fit those measurements. Instead, I looked at the fabric I had and cut it in half. I should have done that in the beginning – it would have saved a lot of time!

The two large bags each hold between 16-18 diapers.

I’m so happy that I just made them all at one time. We’re making use of all the sizes on a regular basis, and we throw them right in the laundry with the diapers and they come out looking brand new each time. And they’re cute – that counts for something, right?!

2 Comments on “Wet Bags

  1. I am so jealous of your sewing skills! I have 2 wet bags that I bought in 2007 (still going strong) and I think they are great – for diapers, swimming suits, wet towels, camera trips in the kayak… so multi-purpose! Love that you can make these yourself.

    • Thanks, Judy! We’ve loved them for swimming bags too – and I never thought to use them for all of our kayaking needs. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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