Bugs, Worms, and Dirt: Bug Art

Lots of great information in this little book!

The first activity we tackled for our Bugs, Worms, and Dirt theme was to find as many creatures as we could in our backyard. The children were sent off to find as many critters as they could, and we made a long list of them together. We have a small yard, but we were suprised at how many different ones we could identify.

Art Supplies

The next day I set out trays of art supplies for the children. They were instructed to invent their own bug, but it needed to have a head, thorax, abdomen, antennae and three pairs of legs.

Bug Art

They took a long time planning their creatures.

Bug Art

The finished bugs:

Bug Art with labels

Love the labeled parts on this one!

A Babywearing Bug

On first, second, or third look, this may not resemble a bug. However, I was assured that it is, with all of the required parts. Lots of artistic interpretation going on here, I think.

Our bug art project was a big success – with children going back to the table to make more the rest of the afternoon.

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