Angry Bird Cake #2

When it came to making the second Angry Bird cake of the year, I needed something a bit different.  I loved this one from For the Love of Cake, but it needed to be able to travel well – so I planned a cookie cake instead.

I’ve used this fondant recipe before and loved the results, but I wasn’t interested in adding as much food coloring as I would need to get a true red. I knew that powdered drink mix has been used in frosting recipes with mixed results, but I decided to take a chance. The color was incredible – and it made the fondant taste like a cherry Starburst.

I made the cookie cake and put a very light bit of buttercream frosting on it, so that the fondant would have something to stick to. This is where I discovered mistake #1: don’t put chocolate chips in the cookie cake if you want a smooth surface. This could have been fixed with a thicker layer of frosting, but I didn’t have time (and enough powdered sugar) to make more.

I knew that my red didn’t need to cover the entire cake, since I would have a white portion on the bottom. As I was trying to figure out how I could get the edges to match properly, I remembered a technique I’ve used to join quilt batting. (This will make sense in a moment.) I overlapped the two pieces of fondant, and cut the curve that I wanted through both layers. I simply peeled off the scrap portions, and the curved pieces fit together perfectly!

And this is where it makes me think of Pokemon.

I colored a bit of the white fondant with lemon drink mix, and cut out a beak shape. I thought once it made it to the cake, it would look less like a piece of a American cheese, but it didn’t.

It tasted much better than a Kraft cheese single.

I added the black eyebrow and eyeballs and decided it was finished. The birthday boy was thrilled and very excited to show it off. FYI: The fondant was delicious by itself, but tasted terrible when paired with the cookie cake.

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