Dirt Dessert: Tractors and Fairies

I confess that one of the reasons why we had a Dirt-Bug-Worm week earlier in the summer was so that we would have an excuse to make Dirt Dessert.

Dirt Dessert first made an appearance in my life in grade school. My mom discovered the recipe and bought a plastic pot and some flowers to put in it. When we arrived for dinner at my aunt’s house, Mom walked right into her lovely dining room and placed this large tacky potted flower right in the middle of it. My aunt looked appalled, but acted graciously. I can’t remember what was said when Mom pulled out one of the flowers and swiped some of the pudding off with her finger to taste, but the memory of the scene gives me the giggles.

Don’t worry, I moved the mixer before the baby got up from his nap.

We used this recipe from Our Kitchen Favorites. I loved that there were enough different steps to occupy each child.

Most people use a food processor or blender to chop up the Oreos, we rely on manual labor. The cookies end up in much larger chunks, and don’t look as “dirt-like” – but it is much more fun for the children.

This is not the first time that vehicles have been set on our desserts, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

A couple of weeks later, our friends came over for a playdate, and brought their version of dirt dessert – a fairy one!

How cute is this?!

The bowl – a giant leaf meant for salads – served as the perfect vessel for this fairy land. They used little flower and frog gummy candies for decoration as well as rainbow candy for the paths.

A little baby fairy came for a visit. (See how fine the cookies are? That’s the work of a food processor)

It was so delightful – and there were enough candy bits so that each of the six children present (and two adults) were able to get their pick of the gummies. My favorite part was the little toadstool/mushroom gummy candies that my friend had bought from a specialty candy store. They looked adorable and were delicious.

Tinkerbell looks so happy sitting there!

So there you have it – two versions of dirt dessert – both tasted great and looked good. But you can’t really go wrong with pudding, Cool Whip, and cookies… can you?

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