Introducing Plank Road Winter

Once upon a time, two of my sisters wrote a book together…. and then a long time later, it was published.

Plank Road Summer was the result of years of writing, research, and a great deal of conversations about their writing and research. Emily and Hilda would be so excited when they got a “good” rejection letter, one that included details of why it was not a good fit for that publisher. In other words, proof that someone had actually read the manuscript.

The description from Amazon: “Welcome to the adventures of two 13-year-olds, Katie McEachron and her friend Florence Mather, who experience an exciting summer in 1852 as the plank road that runs by their homes brings mysterious strangers to their dinner tables and the plight of runaway slaves to their consciences.”

The sequel, Plank Road Winter will be released this Sunday, September 30th at a launch party not far from the original Plank Road. Our family is very proud.

From the publisher, Crickhollow Books: “Plank Road Winter is a middle-grade historical novel set in rural Wisconsin in the aftermath of the Great Chicago Fire and the Civil War, as young Sophie and Hans deal with issues of family, friendship, and the importance of making good choices in difficult times.”

You can read more about both books on their blog, Plank Road Stories. Love the cover artwork by Kathleen Spale.

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