Thanksgiving Treat Bags

Earlier this year, I came across the cutest Thanksgiving treat bags from Cookies and Cups, thanks to the wonder known as Pinterest .

These little treat bags made use of Bugle snacks as cornucopias mixed with Runts candy. It was a brilliant concept, so I decided I needed to make my own. I made a little label with the help of my best friend, Picmonkey.

I felt a little guilty having this much fun assembling without my children to help, but it went much faster. My grocery store didn’t have the regular Bugles, but the caramel ones were pretty tasty.

I gave these out to my board members at church last night. Adults need treat bags sometimes, too. I think they make long meetings more tolerable.

2 Comments on “Thanksgiving Treat Bags

  1. Great – now I have another website to navigate and use! So intrigued with PicMonkey… I made similar Christmas bags to give to my neighbors last year and I ended up just using red and green cardstock with a handwritten sticker. I guess it was the treats that were more important than the packaging.

    • I have the same feeling when I make homemade treats, too…. but when I’m simply repackaging, it should probably look good! 🙂 Enjoy Picmonkey – it was designed to take the place of Picnik, I believe.

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