Photographer’s Circle: LIFE

The April theme for this month’s Photographer’s Circle is “life”. In the springtime, the word life brings to mind baby chicks, budding flowers, newborns, and Jesus – not necessarily in that order. I don’t have any of those available at the moment to photograph, so I’m sharing a snapshot of what life to us looks like these days.

Gigi's Joy: basketball in the barn

This week we’ve been heading out to the barn daily after lunch. No animals to look after yet, but there’s an amazing hayloft. When we stopped having animals on the farm, my dad rebuilt the loft into an incredible space for my nieces and nephews to play. He died a few years ago, but all of his hard work is getting daily use again. With all of the rain, it is the perfect escape for us. We put on our boots and I shoot baskets, while my little one collects the balls for me. He’s the perfect spectator. He claps whether the ball goes in or not.

Please visit the talented photographer Erin Nisi to see how she interpreted LIFE.

7 Comments on “Photographer’s Circle: LIFE

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  2. How lucky to have such a gorgeous barn for the kids to grow and play in. Great angle on image too!

  3. He will love having that fun area to use as he grows! My boys would love it!

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