Photographer’s Circle: Refreshing

The Photographer’s Circle theme for this month is “refreshing.” To me, the most refreshing thing at the moment is our change of pace since school got out last week. We have so much more time. Other than my oldest son’s baseball games, we haven’t scheduled any other activities or classes this summer, and it makes all of us very happy.

Suddenly, we have time to play with treasures found at the new house.

GIgi's Joy: word tiles

Hours to spend with the Stomp Rocket (and not having to travel to a park to do so).

Gigi's Joy: Stomp Rocket 1

Gigi's Joy: Stomp Rocket 2

Gigi's Joy: Stomp Rocket 3

The children can set up the Playmobil village, knowing that they’ll have time tomorrow to play as well.

Gigi's Joy: Playmobil

And hours to spend sorting and rearranging stacks of baseball cards.

Gigi's Joy: baseball cards

A barefoot baby in a onesie is a pretty refreshing sight, too.

Gigi's Joy: Baby

That’s what refreshing means to me today. Please check out talented Erin Nisi’s take on the theme this month! (Click HERE)

7 Comments on “Photographer’s Circle: Refreshing

  1. Love it! You are so right, time! I love the photo of stacking baseball cards!

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