And we have chickens…

Gigi's Joy: ordering chickens

Back in May, we spent some time on the computer picking out chickens. The five of us in the family that could talk were each able to pick out two laying hens. I shared my choice with the baby, who waved his hand in the general direction of the one I wanted anyway. A couple of weeks later, the post office called to say that our chicks had arrived!

Gigi's Joy: Baby Chicks

The children were sad to go to school that morning and leave their baby chicks behind. The little one spent the day glued to the door to the garage, begging to see them. We both checked on them obsessively.

Gigi's Joy: Baby at garage door

That’s a baby chick figurine in his hand. By the end of the day he had mastered saying “chicken” in sign language.

We brought the laying hens out for a little tour of the barnyard a couple of days ago. They didn’t seem too impressed, just a little apprehensive.

Gigi's Joy: Hens

The copper-colored one on the left is named Penny… Henny Penny.

The baby fluff is gone, true feathers are growing in.

Gigi's Joy: boots and chickens

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