If you have a field of wildflowers

Gigi's Joy: Field of Wildflowers

We love the book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Joffe Numeroff in our house. For those unfamiliar, the mouse in the story wants a cookie, and then he wants a glass of milk to go with it, and then he wants a mirror to make sure that he does not have a milk mustache… and the story goes on and on of one thing leading to another.

Last night, we had a similar experience. In our case, it was the sight of our field of wildflowers in full bloom. I had never owned a field of wildflowers before, and it seemed like a complete waste not to put some cute kids in it. But like the mouse with the cookie, one thing led to another – combing hair, finding clean shirts, getting socks and shoes on a squirming baby, locating the tripod, and running to the field all before the light left us completely.

Thanks to the idea of Robin Spalding, I’m making sure that I get in some pictures, too. We’re linking up with some other photographers who are making sure that they are not always behind the camera – but in front of it as well. Please check out Stacy Espinoza Photography and see how she got in the picture this month.

6 Comments on “If you have a field of wildflowers

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  2. omg that is soo true! everytime i want to take a pic it starts becoming a process lol. O love this shot of you and yoru family you look soooo happy!

  3. What a terrific job you did! 3 kids and everyone is looking and you look so happy! Amazing work!

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