Summer Reading Time

Gigi's Joy: Summer Reading Time

One of our favorite things to do this summer is have our family reading time on the porch. Sometimes we wait until after the little guy goes down for his nap, other times he joins us with a snack. This is an image that I’ve longed to have since we moved in several months ago. Our time on the porch together has become very special and I love that my older children can all enjoy the same chapter books as read alouds. Our previous house provided no afternoon shade, so for us to be outside on one of the hottest days in the summer, enjoying the breeze and listening to the birds – it’s pretty fantastic.

At the moment, we’re finishing up Plank Road Summer, written by two of my sisters, Hilda and Emily Demuth – the book itself is pretty fantastic, too. 

To see how other photographers are getting themselves “in the picture,” please visit the very creative Robin Spalding Photography and see what she photographed this month!

12 Comments on “Summer Reading Time

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  2. What a lovely tradition! How old are your children? I would certainly recommend the Laura Ingalls Wilder series and the Lord of the Rings Series when they’re older!

    • Yes, we’ve been working through the Little House books this summer – the kids have loved them – and Lord of the Rings will definitely be on our list as they grow!

      • Your blog caught my eye because my little baby sister is named Brigette and we call her Gigi for short.:)

        Enjoy this last summer weekend!

  3. I love this! You’ll treasure this image forever, and your kids will treasure the time you gave them!

  4. this is such a a lovely image! what an amazing pastime you do! this should def. be framed in your home!

  5. I am so jealous? John and I used to rent in an old farmhouse, I could not handle all the bugs and Mice. What I wouldn’t do now for it. But we wouldn’t be in the school system we are now?


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