Photographer’s Circle: Friendship

Gigi's Joy Photography: Friendship 2These girls. Friends since the first day of Kindergarten – now starting third grade apart. When we moved several months ago, this friendship, and many others, were what made me saddest to leave. I’m so thankful for our friends who have made the long drive to see our new place, and allow moments like these to happen.

Gigi's Joy Photography: Friendship 6

Our theme this month for my Photography Circle is Friendship, and September is the perfect time to celebrate it. My daughter learned how to make friendship bracelets this summer, thanks to my college-aged niece. I never learned anything beyond a braid, so she had the perfect, patient teacher.

Gigi's Joy Photography: Friendship 5

This kind is her specialty, here’s a great tutorial: Lots of Knots Friendship Bracelet. When we finalized plans for a visit, she got right to work.

Gigi's Joy Photography: Friendship 3

The girls had a glorious afternoon together after several months apart. Before they parted, the friendship bracelet was ceremoniously tied on.

Gigi's Joy Photography: Friendship 4

The pictures are over a month old, so now the bracelets are worn, dirty, and faded. But this Friendship? It’s going to be going strong for quite some time.

Gigi's Joy Photography: Friendship

Please take a moment to head on over to the talented Erin Nisi to see her interpretation of Friendship this month.

13 Comments on “Photographer’s Circle: Friendship

  1. The bracelet IS worn, but it’s still there and has great meaning. Their friendship is as pure as they come and makes my heart smile as I look at these pictures. It was a wonderful day!!!

  2. love these! i soo remember doing these with my girlfriends and remember how special it was to give and receive bracelets from each other! great shots!

  3. Ohhh my! Those friendship bracelets bring back so many fond memories from childhood. It is so obvious how much these girls adore one another in your beautiful images. Great job!

  4. Looooove these friendship bracelets! I think we have all had at least one with a special friend. Super sweet!

  5. Nothing says friendship more than the innocence of making and wearing friendship bracelets. I am excited for these girls and their journey together. I am still best friends with my kindergarten best friends! We have had a lifetime of memories and so will these cuties!

  6. Defiantly reminds me of my childhood and girlfriends. Makes me want to go teach my daughter!! Great post and photos. 🙂

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