Reading with my Youngest

I spend my days reading… though I’m certainly not getting through the stack of books on my nightstand. Instead, I’m reading the books my two-year old brings me. Specifically, this stack:

Gigi's Joy Photography: Thomas books

Thankfully, he tolerates skipping ahead to the pictures in the big storybook treasury. But every day, he collects all of the Thomas the Tank Engine books and taps the cushion where he would like me to sit. Sometimes one or two of these next ones make it into the rotation. These are his non-Thomas favorites at the moment:

Gigi's Joy Photography: children's books

And every day, I try to sneak in a few of these next ones into the pile. These are ones that my other children treasured – and I especially enjoyed.

Gigi's Joy Photography: children's books

Sometimes he rejects them outright, noticing immediately that they do not have a train on the cover. Other times he humors me and sits patiently to listen. Regardless, I’m so thankful he’s a reader, I’ll read him whatever book he wants. There will be time enough in the future to get through my own stack!

Gigi's Joy Photography: mother child reading

This post is part of a blog circle that includes other photographer friends. Each month, we find a way to get IN the picture instead of just behind the camera. Please follow the circle and visit my friend Robin Spalding of Robin Spalding Art to see her always incredible fine art photography.

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