Little Girl Reading | Gigi’s Joy Photography {Union Grove Children’s Lifestyle Photographer}





Gigi's Joy Photography: Little Girl Reading - Burlington Lifestyle Photographer

I was walking past our living room and was struck by the image of my daughter sitting with her book and the lamp illuminating the room. The way that her hair is pulled back and the dress that she has on give the image a timeless quality to me and I was eager to capture it. I whispered “please don’t move” so I could get my camera. She whispered back “can I turn the page?” (I said yes.)

This was taken several months ago, and I adored it for being a classic image of a little girl reading.  Now when I look at it, it is so sentimental. This picture blends old and new for me – my daugher, reading one of my favorite books when I was her age (Heidi), sitting in the room that I read in when I was a little girl. The sofa and photographs are ours, the curtains and lamp my mother left for us, and the china cabinet was from my grandmother’s home. Four generations of women are represented in one image – that was not the intention of the photograph, but it makes it all the more powerful. This is why photographing children and families in their homes is so important to me.

A photograph speaks to you differently as time goes on. An image that might be loved at first for the child’s expression, may be loved down the road for very different reasons. It could be that you notice the baseboards roughed up by your child’s matchbox cars, the pile of favorite board books in the corner, or even the wall color that you couldn’t wait to paint over. Photographs serve as a time capsule – a single moment is captured – but the emotions and memories that it brings can span several generations. I’m thankful for that reminder this morning.

10 Comments on “Little Girl Reading | Gigi’s Joy Photography {Union Grove Children’s Lifestyle Photographer}

  1. Love the last paragraph; so in line with why I have photographs all over my walls. It also makes me want to dig through my mom’s old prints to get a few more up of my childhood. 🙂

    • Yes – you do a great job at displaying photographs, Judy! I need to get moving and get more up here. I love the idea of getting old ones up as well…

  2. Agree 100% ! Its the little things that truly matter! I love this photo, and even moreso because of those meaningful details you described.

  3. Wow! What a stunning image! it definitely has a timeless look to it, and the lighting is fabulous 🙂 I really enjoyed this post and envy your eloquent way with words!

  4. The picture is a work of art followed with an explanation to the piece that made me tear up. Well done, Gigi!

    • Thank you so much, Cherie! It’s so funny that when I started writing the blog post it was just going to be a three line explanation about capturing the image – and that she looks like Kit, the American Girl doll – and it turned into so much more.

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