Plank Road Winter

Gigi's Joy Photography: children and author reading Plank Road Winter

My children have been begging me to start Plank Road Winter ever since we finished Plank Road Summer. We’ve been working our way though other titles, though – and then December was filled with our Christmas books. After the final Christmas celebrations were wrapped up, my sister Hilda (who co-wrote the Plank Road Books with my sister, Emily) stopped by and read the opening chapters of Plank Road Winter aloud. My children were immediately captivated by the story, and especially intrigued by that sassy Sophie. We all came out ahead on this evening: Hilda was praised for her reading skills (specifically, her German accent), the children delayed their bedtime after begging their aunt to read “just one more” chapter (twice), and I captured another image for my “Children Reading” collection.

For more information on Plank Road Summer or Plank Road Winter, please visit the Plank Road Stories webpage.

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