Stories of Autism: Emalee

Gigi's Joy Photography: Stories of Autism Special Needs Photographer Milwaukee

Usually it is through the observation behind the camera lens that I learn about my subjects. With Emalee, it was during the time I spent visiting with her and her mother at their front door after the session. They told me story after story of Emalee’s early years and youth… stories that would make any parent cringe. I admire Emalee’s parents for the incredibly hard decisions they had to make as she got older. Emalee’s success is a testament to her parent’s dedication as well as her own determination and spirit.

Emalee, in her own words,

I have come so far!  They said I would only reach the mental age of 11, never graduate high school, never have a job, and never go to college but, boy were they wrong. I have come so far from when I was little.  I couldn’t communicate but I could talk. This made things extremely hard for my parents. I was very aggressive. I would have meltdowns every day and many a day, they would often last for hours.  I  have been in and out of residential placement centers.  They have helped so much.

Gigi's Joy Photography: Stories of Autism Special Needs Photographer Racine

Today I am a wonderful and responsible young lady. I have had a job for a long time. I am graduating from high school with a diploma, not just a certificate. I am going to go onto culinary school.  I still have trouble with social skills. I am an advocate for autism and families. It has made me an inspiration to many other people. It has also brought me together with many friends. My dream is to own my own bakery and have special needs people that may not otherwise be employed become employed. I have come so far and will continue to go even farther.

My name is Emalee, I am a face of autism.

Emalee, in her own words

Oconomoc, WI

Gigi's Joy Photography: Stories of Autism Special Needs Photographer Oconomoc************************************************

Emalee is an ambassador for Autism Solution Pieces


Please visit the Stories of Autism website to read more stories of children and adults on the autism spectrum.


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