Stories of Autism: Jacob

Gigi's Joy Photography: Stories of Autism Special Needs Photographer Racine Lake Michigan

I met Jacob for his photo session on Lake Michigan’s shoreline. He was friendly, easy-going, and was happy to climb out onto the ice-glazed rocks for a good picture! I was thoroughly stunned afterward when I read his essay, to learn about his struggles and his darkest days. This is an important story for all parents to read.

From Jacob, in his own words, 

Being on the Autism Spectrum does not mean you should be shunned for being different. It means you are your own unique individual and should be seen and treated as equally as those not on the Spectrum. Though I was diagnosed in my twenties, I feel my acting out and compulsive behaviors as a child were, in a large part, due to having Asperger’s Syndrome. My severe mood swings also in my opinion were related to having Autism. My lowest point in having Autism came when, after being extensively bullied in high school, I threatened to kill myself and was sent to a psych ward for teens that attempted or threatened suicide. Through that I became stronger after realizing that I was not alone in having these feelings.

Gigi's Joy Photography: Stories of Autism Special Needs Photographer Union Grove

Now that I have been diagnosed I have made it a goal to help out those on the Spectrum and reach out and connect with them while using my story to hopefully inspire and spread the word about the Autism Spectrum. We share a connection-in that other people who do not understand what Autism is- claim us as different from them when in fact we are just the same. Being able to reach out, meet, and spend time with all the wonderful generations of people on the Spectrum through events and meetings makes me so proud and blessed to be a part of it all. I look very forward to what the future holds for me, all my fellow ASP Ambassadors and club members, as well as all others on the Autism Spectrum and our vast support system.

Gigi's Joy Photography: Stories of Autism Special Needs Photographer Kenosha

Hopefully one day we can all see the fruit of our endeavors in spreading the word about causes and signs of having Autism so accurate diagnoses can be given. Live life to the fullest every day and never let others stop you or pressure you from doing what you love; or how you think of yourself. Remember: You Are Never Alone and you always have the Lord, those on the Spectrum with you, and all those in your life from both here on earth and in Heaven with you as support at all times.

Jacob, in his own words

Pleasant Prairie, WI


Autism Solution Pieces


Please visit the Stories of Autism website to read more essays of individuals living with autism.

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