Stories of Autism 2014 – Final Thoughts

I had come across Stories of Autism in my search for more information on Special Needs Photography. I stumbled onto the website and read story after story of struggle, love, anguish, and hope… I knew right away that it was an amazing organization that I wanted to be a part of.

Gigi's Joy Photography: Special Needs Autism Children's Photographer Racine

My godson has significant developmental and cognitive delays. It is very difficult for his parents to find community and the answers that they are searching for. They don’t have a diagnosis to type into Google. If you don’t have a diagnosis, it is incredibly hard to find success stories of children with similar characteristics or abilities. And that can be incredibly lonely and disheartening.

Families dealing with Autism often find themselves in the same boat. Although they have a diagnosis, the Spectrum runs far and wide. That’s what makes Stories of Autism so important. It is a gallery full of beautiful children and adults, showcased with their personal stories. Each story opens up new possibilities to the reader. It gives ideas and considerations for another child…. and most importantly, it provides hope.

Gigi's Joy Photography: Special Needs Autism Children's Photographer Waterford

I photographed ten children this year, and each one has touched my life.

Gavin introduced me to the world of Rapid Prompting Method and service dogs.

Logan kept me entranced with his expressive eyes and reminded me to notice details.

Thanks to Joshua, I recognize the beauty of a frozen shoreline.

Tyler taught me about black holes, and reminded me of the importance of imagination.

Andy and his affection melted my heart.

With Eric, I was reminded that so much can be communicated without words.

Jacob and his commitment to Autism Solution Pieces reminds me of the importance of serving others.

I was touched by how Anthony recognizes the love and support of his family.

Emalee astounded me with her shear determination, her self-acceptance, and pride.

And Sofie’s sense of humor still had me laughing to myself weeks later.

 I’ve mentioned my gratefulness before, but I’d like to thank the families once again for opening their homes and their lives to me. You may never know how your story affects and helps another family…. but rest assured, it certainly will.

Gigi's Joy Photography: Special Needs Autism Children's Photographer Racine

 Please visit the official Stories of Autism website to read more essays from individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

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