The Day the Books Arrived {Gigi’s Joy Photography}

Gigi's Joy Photography: Hattie's War by Hilda and Emily Demuth

Two of my older sisters are authors and have written books together. We’ve always been big fans and supporters in this household. Though, because I’m related to them, when I’m telling someone about the books, I have to say “no, the book really is good. I’d recommend it even if they weren’t my sisters!”

The historical fiction Plank Road stories came first (Plank Road Summer and Plank Road Winter), which became all the more meaningful when we moved into the family home last year. Here are a couple of past blog posts:

Summer Reading Time

Plank Road Winter

My children love listening to the books – and interrupt my read aloud time with comments like “our aunts sure are funny” and “our aunts are pretty clever, aren’t they?” And when I get choked up and have to pause during the emotional sections of the story, they rub my arm and snuggle in deeper, remarking – “this is a really special book, isn’t it, Mama?” And I nod.


They were eagerly anticipating the release of Hattie’s War this fall, but even more so when I received word that I would be shooting the cover for it. I will be adding a blog post about the cover making process and photo shoot, but here’s the final result that we’re all very proud of:

Hattie's War by Hilda and Emily Demuth {Gigi's Joy Photography: Book Cover}

We were also very excited when we found out that the very first early shipment of printed books would be arriving at our house, since the first book signing would be happening locally. We were given special permission to open the box once they arrived (as long as we recorded it).

Below is a little 30 second, out-of-focus video. Surely, the 3 year old is fussing because he cannot yet read Hattie’s War by himself – not because he skipped his nap.

hattieswar-4501 from Gigi’s Joy on Vimeo.

All the fingerprints from the books have been removed – and will be ready for the official book launch next week!

One Comment on “The Day the Books Arrived {Gigi’s Joy Photography}

  1. Oh my goodness!! A book cover! So glad you did document the book opening. Let me know where I can send my check for my copy.. I need to add to the collection. 🙂 Congrats to your family.

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