Hospitality Center Open House {Gigi’s Joy Photography}

On Saturday, December 6th, the Hospitality Center in Racine at St. Luke’s Church is having an Open House and fundraiser from 9-1pm. Folks can come in and take a tour of the place to see how it is serving the needs of those in the community. The regular guests of the Hospitality Center receive meals, shelter, and fellowship.

Racine Hospitality Center St. Luke's Church


Last year I attended the Open House and worked with Kenny Gregory, of Kenny Gregory Photography. We worked together to put on a portrait event as part of Help-Portrait. Help-Portrait is a movement that gives folks a chance to have a professional portrait that probably otherwise would not. The regular guests of the Hospitality Center were able to get their portrait taken, pick out which complimentary prints they wanted, and then pick them up before Christmas. The Hospitality Center serves homeless, “near-homeless”, mentally ill, and those who are lonely and in need of company.

I wrote about our experience at the Hospitality Center last year. Please take a minute to look back at that post and click through the links. It truly is a remarkable place.

One of the most surprising things I learned was that so many of the people we photographed were excited to give these portraits to their family and friends as Christmas gifts. (They are given the choice of wallets, 4x6s, and 8×10 print sizes.) In all my naivety, I had not considered the thought of some of these folks having families. A few were going to give them to parents in nursing homes, some were going to send them to siblings in another state, and others were going to present them to their (grown) children.

We were there to give to them. They wanted to give to someone else.


With that in mind, we’d like have frames available for the guests this year. We’ll be collecting gently used or new frames in sizes 4×6 or 8×10 so that when the folks come back to the Hospitality Center to pick up their prints in late December, they’ll be able to choose frames to go with them.

Kenny and I will each be collecting frames, so if you have some that you would like to donate, please contact one of us and we can arrange a pick-up. Thank you for helping others to give this Christmas.

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