Introducing Stories of Autism 2016 {Gigi’s Joy Photography: Union Grove Special Needs Photographer}

I love this time of year. Signs of spring are all around us – and if those snowflakes do decide to fall just one more time, we know that they won’t stay long. Also, the month of April is Autism Awareness Month, which is also when the new Stories of Autism gallery is updated for the year.

Stories of Autism is a non-profit organization, created by Charles Cotugno, which promotes awareness and acceptance of those with autism. Stories of Autism gives a platform to families in which to share their personal experiences – both the challenges and the triumphs. The organization partners photographers with the individuals to provide a portrait, and a chance to have their voice heard on a larger stage.

I came across this organization a few years ago and fell in love immediately. The beautiful portraits drew me in, but it was the deeply personal stories that kept me reading page after page. These personal accounts of love and devotion – and the struggles that go with it – are important to share. We can never walk in another person’s shoes, but we can always try harder to understand their experience.

I work with this organization because I believe that by sharing these stories, we will promote acceptance and foster understanding.  In doing so, we’ll make this world a little bit kinder of a place.

This month you’ll meet:






I’ll update their names with links to their blog posts as the month goes on. Thank you for joining us.

Stories_of_Autism_720p (1) from Gigi’s Joy on Vimeo.

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