The Koss Family {Gigi’s Joy Photography: Racine Family Photographer}

Burlington Family Photographer Eagle Lake Kansasville

I met the Koss family when I photographed their son Tyler for Stories of Autism in 2014.

Kenosha family photographer

Tyler has grown up quite a bit in just two years – but he hasn’t lost a bit of his charm.

Burlington Family Photographer

The family recently launched a non-profit called The Koss Family Foundation, Inc. This organization is designed to help Racine County families living with a cancer diagnosis. They give financial help to pay for non-medical expenses such as gas and grocery bills.

Waterford fishing portrait Wisconsin Eagle lake

The Koss family has experienced the generosity of loved ones and strangers alike, and have created the Foundation as a way to help others. Their goal is to meet some very basic financial needs so that the patients can concentrate on healing and enjoying those around them.

Kenosha family photographer

Kenosha family photographer

Steve’s favorite hobby is fishing – so we scheduled the photoshoot at sunrise to make some memories and capture some special moments.

Burlington Family Photographer father son fishing

I think we succeeded.

Waterford family photographer children

I adore small details in portraits that help tell the story of the people in it. The autism puzzle piece necklace and the cancer bracelets in the images below symbolize some of the challenges the family has faced, but the tickling and the grins show their love and devotion.

Waterford family photographer father son

The session ended fairly dramatically with Steve and Tyler riding off on Eagle Lake for a morning of fishing with their good friend.

Less dramatic was Becky getting in her car to go to work. (I didn’t bother to get a picture of that!)

Burlington Family Photographer Eagle Lake

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

-Melody Beattie

Burlington Family Photographer Eagle Lake Kansasville father son fishing


Please take a moment to visit the Koss Family Foundation website & Facebook page: 

Koss Family Foundation website

Koss Family Foundation Facebook page

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