2017 Stories of Autism Introduction [Gigi’s Joy Photography: Wisconsin Special Needs Photographer]

Stories of Autism, Kenosha Autism photography, Racine special needs photographer

Sometimes, this is what autism looks like.

Maurice had done what was asked of him, and he needed a break. His mother sat on the bed next to him and reached out her hand. She understood that he did not want to talk or to be hugged – but she placed her hand on his foot to let him know that she was there. She knew his limits and what he could tolerate.

When I look at this image of Maurice and his mother, I see a mother’s love and the tender hand of support.

Sometimes, this is what autism looks like.

I photograph for the Stories of Autism organization because I believe in the importance of stories. By learning about the personal experiences of others our level of understanding, and in turn, our compassion, can grow. Sometimes we are the one huddled in the blankets and other times, we need to be the hand of support.

Over the next few weeks you’ll have the chance to read personal accounts of how autism has influenced the lives of these individuals and those of their families. They are stories of both hardship and of great love.

The families that I have photographed for this project have given us an incredible gift. In the spirit of  celebrating their loved ones and educating others, they have open their lives and their hearts. I hope that you will follow along.


The 2017 Stories of Autism gallery is now available for online viewing. Over the next month I will be posting the stories of the seven individuals I photographed along with more images from their Stories of Autism photography session.

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